Alex (alex_parker) wrote in andshitlikethat,

The Apostlication

So, we've been talking about making Apostles/disciples out of you. We've done all this research about the Apostles and throughly stalked studied you guys trying to match these up. We are more than capable of assigning Apostles on our own, but then again, why not let you lot participate? Remember that some of you have never once commented but do watch ASLT. We have to know SOMETHING about you if we're going to raise you to apostle hood- so fill out the application. We know who you are. So you should fill out

1. What's your name?
2. Why did you join ASLT?
3. Name 5 things you like and 5 you dislike. (We know that there are probably many more of both, so pick the ones that you think are amusing.)
4. Are there any Apostles you hate? Why? If not make stuff up.
5. Are there any Apostles you like? Why? Again, this make require you to make stuff up.
6. Why does the ASLT Sherlock Holmes wear a cape?
7. Tell us in 5 sentences what your favorite Monty Python sketch is. If you haven't seen one, take these 5 sentences to explain why.
8. Explain your philosophy of the world in 1 paragraph. Unless it's really amusing, in which case you may have 2 paragraphs.
9. What kind of music do you like? Why is it better than everyone else's? ("Don't worry about offending us, we already know our music is better." -Margo)
10. Flamingos equal what? Explain using metaphors and similes.
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