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...and shit like that.
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Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
6:32 pm
The derby!
Hello all
Yesterday was the derby! I think we all know that the derby is the best day of the year if you're a person from Kentucky or if you're a person with any sense at all. Because Alex and I are both of those kinds of person we watched the derby together over the internet. And because we watched the derby together over the internet we also sang My Old Kentucky Home together loudly and incorrectly over the internet:

Margo: :'(

Because I am indeed far away from My Old Kentucky Home, singing the song put me on an internet crying jag.

Both of the horses we told each other we were rooting for but did not actually bet money on lost but my horse (Mission Impazzable) did better (#9) than Alex's horse (American Lion, #11) so ha! Won that.

Finally I would like to share a t-shirt with you that Alex shared with me that says a lot about the derby experience:
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Sunday, August 2nd, 2009
8:35 pm
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Monday, April 20th, 2009
4:20 pm
heyyyyyy gurl hay
So, uh, Alex decided to reopen the community so I guess I will post something. After much introspection I have decided to post some notes that I took first quarter because I think they are funny. Also I would like to draw everyone's attention to the background which was designed and css-ed by Alex but I totally made the picture using my mad mad skills so you should really look at it.
Anyway, now you should look under the cut.
I mainly wanted to upload this because the aslt photobucket account has a Jonas Brothers background.Collapse )

Yeah so, I realize that it's kind of self important to post some class notes and expect them to be interesting to other people but that's what this community is about, isn't it?

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Sunday, April 19th, 2009
1:06 pm
Fuck it, this happens now!!
Do you know what today is? Do you know what today is?

Today is the day Margo and Alex welcome you to

These videos are relevant to our interests:Collapse )
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Wednesday, September 20th, 2006
5:44 pm
It's Our Birthday
That's right, it's ASLT's birthday! A celebratory thingCollapse ) for you all. Woot.
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Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
6:15 pm
The third batch is DONE. Sorry about the delay! Now onto the Next Big Thing (which is coming much sooner than the last time I said anything was coming soon. Really. Also, YES, we do think this is the last batch of Apostles, but if you WANT to get in on it still, YOU CAN. Matthew, Mandy, Beth, and Jacqueline...

you are ASLT ApostlesCollapse )
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Saturday, August 12th, 2006
8:37 pm
I'm not dead!

Yesterday I got to fly back from EUROPE the DAY AFTER they uncovered a TERRORIST PLOT, so I'm feeling pretty good about this.

In case you were wondering.
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Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
7:52 pm
The fort and how I am holding it down.
Greetings! So, guess what? Margo (AKA your friendy neighborhood mortal!Jesus) is in FRANCE for 11 days. That leaves me here to work on the next batch of Apostles (coming soooooon!) and post other things. Like these...

2 for my Watson fangirlsCollapse )
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Friday, July 28th, 2006
11:18 pm

It's my birthday. Y'know what I'd like for my birthday? I'd like the following people to fill out the Apostlication so that Alex and I can assign more Apostles instead of sitting around all listless-like, wondering what to do with our lives and where to go to college. (Well, I'm wondering. Alex doesn't care.)
All of you have the oppertunity to make me very happy. Why would you pass that oppertunity up?
You can find the Apostlication here

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Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
2:32 am
The Second Wave
That's right, 3 more of you are now official ASLT Apostles. It does take forever to do this. You would not believe it. Margo and I sitting in our local Penn Station with printed copies of your Apostlications marking on them and taking notes. Man, if I'd put this much time into my French homework last year, I might have deserved that B. Heh. Oh well. On to the new...WAIT! One more thing! In case you missed the memo, we have officially worked out our titles for this whatever it is we've started with the apostles...

margalite = mortal!Jesus, Part 1 of 2
alex_parker=divine!Jesus, Part 2 of 2

YES, this will make more sense later. We think you'll like what's coming. YES, this is all in good fun. NO, we don't think we're Jesus. YES, this part x of 2 is based on the whole duality of Christ thing...and if you happen to understand it properly, explain it to me, will you? NO, I'm not going to waste any more of your time with this intro...

and it's shit, but it's great...Collapse )
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Wednesday, June 21st, 2006
10:22 pm
Alright, the first 2 apostles.
So after much deliberation (man, I don't think you guys realize how long Alex and I spent deliberating. We're not just SAYING deliberation, I'd actually call him and be like "okay, Apostles now" and he'd say "yeah" and then we'd talk about them *and you* A LOT. I mean, we did all sorts of wikipedia research, and his dad would come over and ask why he was looking up Apostles and he'd say that it's because he was learning about them with me, and his dad'd be like "but isn't she Jewish?")
Anyways- we can only decide on 2 3, but I only made shit for 2 of them. And it's only mediocre looking shit. Which means that at a (very) later date I'll do nice special effects stuff or something, but they're still pretty cool for right now. I think.

ANYWAYS, I'm going to present these first 2 Apostles in the time honored ASLT tradition of alphabetical order. Which means that FIRST IS

bannerCollapse )

and NOW

other bannerCollapse )
if anyone wants to be Bart and slashily hook up with julius12, drop us a line in the Apostlication post (so it'll be screened) and we'll consider it.

New Apostles won't be decided until at least MONDAY because Alex is away and I am pining for him.

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4:31 pm
yo! Update time!
Okay- so as of now, not all of you have filled out your Apostilcations. Which is bad. This is because it's supremely hard to assign Apostlehood to people when you aren't certain that that specific apostle wouldn't work better with someone that has already responded.
That being said, we have finally agreed on two of you, and I will make a fancy shmancy post sometime tonight (hopefully) about how wonderful you are and give you icons and banners and whatnot.
Actually, that's a lie. We have 3 of them figured out. We just don't feel like giving the third one out at the moment. We're not at all sorry. You already know who you are, Judas Judy.
(If you don't think you're Judas, then you aren't. Trust me.)

So wait with bated breath for sometime later tonight, pimp out the community to everyone you know (as we hope you already do) and FUCKING FILL OUT YOUR APOSTILCATIONS IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!

Thank you and have a nice day.
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Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
4:24 pm
Come and know Sherlock better...
It has come to our attention that not all of you are properly aware of our own, dear version of Sherlock Holmes. This is probably because we have not posted near enough of him. This is my favorite out of all comics I've done.

Sherlock Holmes and the Boxer RebellionCollapse )
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4:14 pm
Okay, some of you filled out the Apostilcation! that's great! Alex and I enjoyed reading them immensely. However, many of you have not filled out your apostilcations yet. Some of you have never even commented in this community! Also- some of you are new and may not know about this (take a look at the 2 posts before this for information).

Anyway- FILL IT OUT! (on the other post, mind you- the comments are screened on it. If you have questions you can post them there or here). THIS MEANS YOU:

Step it up, folks!

I'm sorry if you are one of the fantastic people that filled it out. Sorry for the whole clogging up the friends list. If you feel at all annoyed by this, feel free to go comment on other members journals telling them to fill this out. The list of them is conveniently located above. I'm sure they won't mind at all.

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Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
4:38 pm
The Apostlication
So, we've been talking about making Apostles/disciples out of you. We've done all this research about the Apostles and throughly stalked studied you guys trying to match these up. We are more than capable of assigning Apostles on our own, but then again, why not let you lot participate? Remember that some of you have never once commented but do watch ASLT. We have to know SOMETHING about you if we're going to raise you to apostle hood- so fill out the application. We know who you are. So you should fill out The ApostlicationCollapse )
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Saturday, June 10th, 2006
6:32 pm
Monty Python babble/A warning of what to come
Two things: FIRST- Monty Python babble. There is this BRILLIANT sketch called "Flying Lessons" that Alex told me about. You can read the script here
I made an icon:
And a bannerCollapse )

Second: Warning of what to come:
Long story short, I mentioned to my father that there were about 12 people who read this community (that aren't Alex and me) (without actually mentioning the existence of the community but more talking about something vague while meanwhile mentally referring to this community) (There are actually 13 people who watch the community that aren't us).
He said "Do you call them your apostles?"
Answer: "We do now!"
I am going to assign an apostle to each one of you. I don't care if you aren't Christian. I'm not Christian. I will not assign Judas to anyone I don't know, because that would be mean. I'll assign him to someone I do know, which would probably be meaner, but oh, well.

Who are Alex and I? Half Jesus, of course. I at first wanted Alex to be Mary Magdaline because I'm the Jewish one and Jesus = Jewish, but for SOME reason he didn't want to be. Maybe it was the whore part. Maybe it's because he has read The DaVinci Code. It is a mystery.

Speaking of Mary, one of you will be her too, cos she totally would've been an apostle except she was a woman. Bet you were wondering with what I'd do with the 13th person.

I will make you banners/icons too! You don't have to use the icons, but it'd be nice if you at least put the banners up.

You might ask "What if people see the banners/icons/other banners/whatever and decide to join? What then? WHAT THEN?" The answer is simple- saints! There are a lot, so we don't have to worry about running out.

NOTE: this is all in good fun. I don't think I'm Jesus. Alex doesn't think he's Jesus. We don't think you guys are our devoted followers. (If you are, that's great, so don't stop devotedly following because I said that.) If you are in any way offended by this because of your religious beliefs, tell me and I'll give you a really good one, like James "the Great" or something.
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Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
8:37 pm
School is...STILL OUT
You knew that, yes, well, it's still important. Why? Now I have lots of free time... Margo does not since she is working 2 jobs. I get to sit home and make icons and read fanfiction. Like this one story you might have heard of, My Immortal. It's hysterical because of how very very awful it is. We hope it's a parody, but really we love it anyway. I bring you icons and BANNERS of some of its best moments.

oh, and some X-Men too...Collapse )
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Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
3:35 pm
last day of school!
was Thursday. But then my brother's Bar Mitzvah happened and I wasn't able to update until today. In honor of the occasion- I present snippits of a conversation that Alex and I had Wed. night (the night before the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!)

and here you go!Collapse )

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Thursday, May 18th, 2006
8:49 pm
so we haven't posted in a bit, so I said to Alex today "Alex, we haven't posted."
and he responded "yes I know"
and I continued "I think we should"
and he affirmed "okay"
and I acknowladged "now that there are those sponsored accounts we might be able to get that mood theme up"
and he replied "okay"
and I persisted "we need an excuse for why we haven't posted"

then I made my suggestion. and he said that it was too mean. But I'm going to say it anyway and qualify it as "not Alex's statement."

I'm really sorry that we haven't posted in a while but we're trying to gain a readership so we were trying to be more like Shoebox.


and now: Totally random ass icons that we might post again when we have non random ass icons that we can pimp out elsewhere so people will look at them and then maybe take a random ass icon too.

come on- at least look at them.

(8 random ass ones, 3 AP test related.)

you know you want themCollapse )

oh- and it turns out that no matter how hard I try, I can't change mood theme for a community. oh well, back to free account then. which is where it would be anyway. because once you get a mood theme, it stays even if you swich back to free :). (the one being used is mine. David Searching mood themes = love)

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Thursday, April 13th, 2006
6:10 pm
Alright, so:
-I haven't posted in a while. WE haven't posted in a while. sorry.
-something unimaginably cool happened today.
-that is what this entry is about.
-so, follow the cut, k?

THE CUTCollapse )
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