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so we haven't posted in a bit, so I said to Alex today "Alex, we haven't posted."
and he responded "yes I know"
and I continued "I think we should"
and he affirmed "okay"
and I acknowladged "now that there are those sponsored accounts we might be able to get that mood theme up"
and he replied "okay"
and I persisted "we need an excuse for why we haven't posted"

then I made my suggestion. and he said that it was too mean. But I'm going to say it anyway and qualify it as "not Alex's statement."

I'm really sorry that we haven't posted in a while but we're trying to gain a readership so we were trying to be more like Shoebox.


and now: Totally random ass icons that we might post again when we have non random ass icons that we can pimp out elsewhere so people will look at them and then maybe take a random ass icon too.

come on- at least look at them.

(8 random ass ones, 3 AP test related.)

oh- and it turns out that no matter how hard I try, I can't change mood theme for a community. oh well, back to free account then. which is where it would be anyway. because once you get a mood theme, it stays even if you swich back to free :). (the one being used is mine. David Searching mood themes = love)
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