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So, uh, Alex decided to reopen the community so I guess I will post something. After much introspection I have decided to post some notes that I took first quarter because I think they are funny. Also I would like to draw everyone's attention to the background which was designed and css-ed by Alex but I totally made the picture using my mad mad skills so you should really look at it.
Anyway, now you should look under the cut.

I will transcribe it too because it is hard to read:
-Shockingly, Marx only believes his theories and not those of the economists before him.
-Also shockingly, Obama is accused of being a communist because he shared his toys in preschool?!?!
-what is derived from this idea of population? Do words have meaning?
-GUNDRUSSE = SCIENCE = 222 MAYBE I should read this.
-Individual outside of society? What?
-Marx says "twaddle" (223)
-Man I am not seeing any science at all
-Yeah I think I know who's becoming an investment banker DAVID B-----
-Because money is boring
agriculture -> manufacture -> commerse
BUT actually it is backwards
dialectical method
-point of departure is also the end point
-transmutation into the opposite
~phenomenology of spirit~ It's the name of a book!
If I were to all of a sudden BECOME A BAT
man but the sapir-whorf hypothesis is BS?
~the Great Eskimo vocabulary hoax~
Oh look you've taken psychology 101

Yeah I don't remember why I wrote most of that.

Yeah so, I realize that it's kind of self important to post some class notes and expect them to be interesting to other people but that's what this community is about, isn't it?
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